You will change your life forever! I promise you that.

Hello Mike, How are You? My Name Is Bryan Gonzalez, like you also I am searching for my bride to be. 
I've been done wrong by so many claiming to be true, so I'm hesitant before I plan this vacation. 
Very interested, but hesitant. If you could send me some pictures or advice about your experience 
It would be helpful. If these girls have ulterior motives like money and other things 
please let me know I'm not a rich man, but rich in my heart. 
Congratulations on your success on your last trip. Bryan
Bryan, You will change your life forever! I promise you that. And as far as finding a wife, 
well just imagine finding at least 15 out of all of the events who are perfect for you 
and then trying to decide on one. I am telling you there are more than enough to choose from. 
Take your time and do not commit to one lady right away. Make sure you are honest 
and let them know that you want to talk to other women. Take pictures of yourself to give away as well 
as cards with all of your info so they can contact you. Let me know if you have any more questions. Michael
PS. If you would like to see more pictures of other real women I go to www.ilovelatins.com 
they are real, I was there!


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