Yes they will be fighting over you. I still have women trying to catch me and I am engaged.

Mike, I still deciding on taking the trip are the women really fighting over you? 
You said you would send some of the e-mails you have received would you send me a few with pictures. 
Thanks, Trent B. in Aurora, Illinois 
Trent, I wish you would just call me. I will tell you everything. Trust me I 
wish I had someone to talk to before I went, It would have helped on the 
cost and my organization skills with the women. These women will take care 
of you like no other women. I have dated several Latin women and Colombian 
women are the most honest and sincere. They did my laundry, I had three different girls cook me dinner, 
I had one girls father cook me dinner. Sally brought me medicine every day when I was ill. I'm not joking. 
It truly changed my life and my outlook on women here.

You will run across women who want out of the country, You have to be smart and detect things. 
The girl I am with still doesn't know if she wants to leave her family, but I am willing to find out. 
There are some girls who speak broken English others don't speak any. My translator, she is honest 
and will help you in your choice. Insist that Sam give you her, but take care of her, 
I gave her about 80,000 pesos a day for her services and paid for her meals. 
What else can I say, Trent you just have to go, please call me, or Sam and we will save you 
so much hassle and tell you what to watch out for. Michael
How much money is a good amount to bring with you there if you were to stay there for 11 days? 
You also said you bought the ladies gift's and tipped the translators how much did you spend on the translators? 
I just need some sort of idea of how much money is needed for something like this 
and how much you spend on things. Trent B.
Trent, Call me and I will tell you how to get the best service from people and what to spend. 
I was also there 11 days, spent about 700.00 American and lived like a king! Michael
That amount was that the first time you went? Also what type of thing's do these women do for you 
and why do they like American men so much? Are they just trying to get out of there country 
or is there something that we do that the men don't do over there? 
By the way nice picture's she is very lovely woman. How are the English skills over there?
Trent, Yes they will be fighting over you. I still have women trying to catch me and I am engaged. 
There are some real knockouts and they love American guys, but take your time 
and do not commit to one right away. Meet several ladies and date them 
and then spend the last part of your trip with the one that most suits you.
If you would like to see other pictures of women see the www.ilovelatins.com website, 
they are all real, I know, I was there! Thanks, and good luck! I am sure you thank me later. 
I mean this when I say it the money should be the least of your concern, 
look at how much you have wasted on worthless women. I had women cook for me 
do my laundry bring me medicine. I had one girl walk a mile and a half from school just to see me. 
She is sitting next to me in the photos on the website. 
Take Care and let me know if I can help with any more questions. Michael


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