These ladies are far more sincere than Russian women are and they live for one thing YOU.

My name is Edwin H. I have been considering going on one of the I Love Latin trips. 
Can you tell me honestly if it is worth the money and how much should I bring 
as in spending money. Thanks, Ed.

Ed, Think what you want. I still get emails every day from new girls that I never even met on the tour. 
I have plenty to choose from, If there is something I don't like about one, I move on to the next one. 
The events are great. Print up cards with your information on them and hand them to the girls when you meet them. 
They will email you when you return home. I spent about $700.00 dollars in 11 days if that tells you anything. 
I recommend you stay at least 8 days otherwise you will not have time to really get to know someone. 
These ladies are far more sincere than Russian women are and they live for one thing YOU. 
That is truly all they care about is a good sincere man. Let me know if you have any more questions. Michael
Sam, I am in shock! Thank you so much! Again as I said I will be ready to start moving 
when I return from my trip on your new web designs. If you could please prepare your materials to send to me. 
Also I would like to get all the new photos I can possibly get to show that the website is changing daily, weekly 
and monthly. Another goal I have is to set it up so the ladies can place their own ads from any computer on the net.

Anyway Sam, you are a true friend I can't thank you enough, 
The word is hush and I will be visiting your office when I go this Friday. I will call you later. 
Much thanks! If you want a negotiator in Barranquilla tell me. I will win! You want the other hotel I will win! 
No Money down! I know how to get what I want! Michael


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