First of all I put all of my faith in Sam. You will not be disappointed.

HI my name is Chris, and I have been on-line for weeks now, surfing the web on South American tours, 
and I am very much interested in going on a tour, I read your comments and it seems as if you had a great time. 
I am thinking on going on a tour in April, for my birthday, I am serious when it comes down 
to finding that someone special, especially a Real Latina women. I am 43 yrs old and African American, 
do you think I will enjoy myself or be disappointed. I have checked out other tour agencies, but not convinced.
Any comments or suggestions you can add will be highly appreciated. CHRIS, San Diego, Ca.
Chris, First of all I put all of my faith in Sam. You will not be disappointed. 
To answer your question about Lidis, I met her on the tour. It was the first time she came to an event. 
It was truly love at first sight. She is a great person to me, she treats me like a king. 
We are getting married July 10th. I asked her for a commitment when I left and told her 
that we still needed time to get to know each other. I just returned from my second trip on Monday 
and our progress has amazed everyone. We are very committed to our relationship and being together. 
You see, I will not be able to bring her here until next year because she has 2 years left of school. 
That is fine with me. If this thing lasts, I know it is meant to be. She is 20 years old, I am 37 
and her father is 44 it has never been an issue. The chances of you being disappointed are this. 
If you focus on one person and it doesn't work out. I stayed in contact with several women 
and talked to about 150 women on my 10-day trip. I still get emails every day from my men’s listing. 
You need to go and meet as many women as you can and weed them out. 
These women will treat you great! Thank me when you come back! Michael
Hi Mike, thanks for the response, it looks as if you are happy, I wish you the best.
I want to ask, did you correspond with Lidis first, or did you go to Colombia and then meet her.
I think personally I would prefer to go there first, if I were to write someone over a period of time and then
meet afterwards, what are my chances of being disappointed?
By the way I am from Florida, Pensacola. Home now is San Diego, and the women here are very depressing.
I think I will give the tour a try. Your fiancée is very pretty, is the beauty of the women there that common?
well I will not take up much of your time, thanks again for the pictures, they say a thousand words.


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