What I said about the women was the truth.

Michael, I want to thank you for giving my friend Darrell E. email so he can meet her. 
I wish you the best of luck with Lidis. Barranquilla is very safe to walk around as I did solo as well as with Eric. 
I am your friend and enjoyed our times together.
I am doing well with my woman and keep in touch with many on our tour. It takes time to know each other. 
I wish you well. Just be realistic and if you want to help Sam make this a success 
bring more of your friends on these tours and not just talk. Daryl
Dear Daryl, I don't know what your experience was there because I was too occupied with my own women. 
Everything I said in my testimonial was the truth, and as far as the photo's go that was Sam's idea 
and I thought it was a great one also. I have made allot of friends out of my photos and business cards, 
I respond to every email I get in the most sincere way I can. And yes they know I am getting married, 
and guess what some people just want to be friends Wow can you imagine that Daryl! 
I was open and honest with them. My picture was a gift and my card was a way for them 
to have a form of contact because I'm smart enough to know that I am not going to have time 
to write down my info for all of those ladies. I have about 30 new friends in Barranquilla 
and I am showing their pictures to my friends trying to get them to go over there. 
I recently had a person come to my house to view tapes and talk to me about the trip. 
I have also received lots of emails from other men planning future trips and have been assisting Sam 
I have been to eight different country's, and what I spoke about Barranquilla was the truth. 

What I said about the women was the truth. I never said that women were chasing me. 
I did however say that I had plenty to choose from, And I still do Daryl. 
I still get new emails every single day and I would just love to fill your mailbox full of them 
whenever you are ready.

I am still friends with Esmeralda, and will do everything I can to help her find someone, 
along with anyone else I meet. One more thing, I am still with Lidis, and my judgment was a good one, 
I'm grateful I didn't listen to others! Good Day! Michael


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