You must go and see this for yourself.

Dear Mr. Hurles, I read your testimonial. And your description of your tour, it really intrigued me, 
I will try to take a trip sometime next year as of now it is economically impossible. 
But if you want to direct some of the ladies who are bombarding you with emails my direction, 
feel free to do so as I am looking for a Latin lady myself. I often wondered about the safety 
and reality of going to Colombia, I see all the brochures and the video tapes, 
but you are the first testimonial I've read this soon after a visit, and that means something. 
Thank you for your candor, and best wishes to you and your new girlfriend, 
I hope I get so lucky, but like I said, I'll take you up on your offer, send your overflow to me!!, 
well you have a great day sir. Sincerely, Dave Thompson
Dear Dave, I really appreciate your kind words. I have had the time of my life and 
am going on my third trip to Barranquilla Wednesday. I can assure you that me 
sending my overflow emails to you is not going to do you any justice. 
You must go and see this for yourself. People look down on such a thing but 
don't realize how beautiful it really is and what beautiful relationships come out of it.

I will send you some of my emails I have received. But please don't do 
what I did and sit there and realize four years more just passed you by and 
you still don't have that perfect someone in your life. You will thank me later I guarantee it! 
I have sent you some overflow. Take Care, Michael


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