Sam set up a trip to Cartagena when I was there and we all had a great time. When you go to BAQ make sure you tour Cartagena and the old Spanish fort. It's really nice and so is the old town. Later, Bill

Hello Bill, I just read your testimonial letter from the site and I was looking at taking a tour there also, 
and was wondering if its ok I ask you a few?s bout your experience that I’m Very curious about. 
First is it ok if I asked your age? I’m 34 and I noticed that Many gorgeous girls on the site are from 19- 23. 
Would they really go for a guy my age out of sincerity and not just for $$? What did you think of the maturity 
of the women, and your overall impression of them and how they treated you? What were the Major 
Differences/ Similarities of the women there as compared to the USA? Do you have any pics of the local scene 
down there that are on your computer to send? I’d like to check them out, if not I understand. 
Well buddy, thanks for taking the time to read my Letter. John in PA. 
My Response: 
Hi John, First I want to say that what I am telling you is NOT a sales pitch for Sam. 
These are my opinions on how I feel after being there. 
I am 53 years old and there were quite a few younger girls chasing me around. I surely am not used to that. 
You being 34 years old will have all the 19 to 23 year old girls chasing you. 
There are a lot of older ladies there also but if you are like me you will be chasing the younger ones. 
Sincerity & maturity. All the ladies I spoke to were very mature and very sincere. 
They were not interested in your money. They were more interested in finding out if you were 
going to be honest and sincere with them. They are just looking for a good guy that they can settle down with 
and will not cheat on them. In BAQ the guys normally have more then one girl friend 
and don't seem to care about being honest with the ladies. 
If they were there wouldn't be so many ladies at the events. A lot of the ladies are not interested in 
just getting to the USA. Most of them have good jobs but they are willing to leave if they find the right guy. 
I can only say that when you go on the tour you will see what I mean. 
How was I treated? LIKE A KING. Everyone from Sam's staff the hotel and the ladies treated me great. 
I must say that the ladies over there treated me better then any lady has ever treated me in the USA. 
Similarities / Differences? This is a hard one for me to answer. One similarity is the ladies want to feel secure. 
There sure were a lot of differences. Girls in the USA treat you like you owe them something 
and don't give much in return. The girls in BAQ do nothing but give. 
They are willing to try anything and stand by your side, good or bad. 
One thing that comes to mind for me is the fact that I hurt my knee there horsing around 
and my translator and the girl I was interested in were there to help me all the time. 
If I came to a set of stairs they would stop and wait for me and help me down them. 
In the USA the girls would walk down them and wait at the bottom looking up to see if you can make it or not. 
This has happened to me in the USA. I was very impressed with the caring of everyone around me. 
These are some of the things you will see when you go on the tour. I don't have any PICS on my computer 
but I can scan a few of the girls that I took pictures of and was interested in. 
Just let me know and I will do that for you. 
I can only say that if you are serious about meeting a great lady to settle down 
with BAQ is the place to find it. I've been with Russians, and Orientals 
and they don't hold a candle to the ladies at BAQ. Personally if I were you I would go on a tour with Sam. 
He really does get the ladies and will help you every step of the way. I hope I answered all your questions. 
But if you want to know more just write me and I will respond. Best of luck to you when you go. 
I know you will be happy on the tour. Sincerely Bill 

Ps. I forgot to tell you that the country is beautiful. Sam set up a trip to Cartagena 
when I was there and we all had a great time. When you go to BAQ make sure you tour Cartagena and the old Spanish fort. It's really nice and so is the old town. Later, Bill


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