P.S. I have already marketed you to some of my friends,

Sam, I am very committed to your idea. I believe a lot in this as much as you 
do and want to get involved some way or another. My goal is to put your 
website in front of the others. I hope you will go for this! Michael
Super Mike, thanks!!!
I Love this and Know it works!
Thanks!!! Sam
Sam, Thanks, I really appreciate it. I have been thinking about redesigning your website for you 
on a very detailed and descriptive level. I have been researching the idea as far as to beat the competition. 
And of course I wouldn't charge you anything. I am now working on a project through 
October but it gives me plenty of time to devise a plan. As far as Colombia goes 
I am going back for 4 days in about3 to 4 weeks. 
Thanks for everything! Mike

P.S. I have already marketed you to some of my friends, 
and have one who is coming to borrow the tapes. Mike


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