These women are such good women, you have to see it for yourself.

Mike, How are you ? I found your address reading a few of the testimonials on the ILOVELATINS site 
concerning your tour to Colombia, I would like if you wouldn’t mind, if you could email me some pics of the women 
you had mentioned in your testimonial. I also glanced at your websites and I must say your pics of you 
and your fiancée are very Nice. Mike, since I’m seriously considering taking a tour with them sometime 
Early next year, I was wondering if you had a minute if you wouldn’t mind answering a few questions I had... 
I’ve noticed many of the ladies on the site Look much younger than they are, at least in my Opinion ... 
just curious how old is your fiancée? also is that her child in the pictures on ur site? was it your experience 
that alot of the single women there in Colombia have children? write back and thank you, Dave : )
Dave, Yes there are alot of single women in Columbia the women to men ratio is at least 3 times. 
There are alot of young women who are so much more matured than the women here, 
they just want a good man to take care of. To answer your question about my fiancée is 20 years old. 
I am 37 and we are getting married on July 10th. Her father is 45 it has never been an issue, 
we all get along like a family. They cook for me, and she even washes my laundry by hand. 
These women are such good women, you have to see it for yourself. There are alot of women 
there who are in their 30's who have never been married and have no children, it's amazing, 
they just want a good man to be with. They will never ask you for anything. 
I have had a wonderful time there. Thank You, and thank me later. Michael 
P.S. Go and let me know how you feel about having enough women 
to choose from for the rest of your life feels!!!


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