Just book the trip and you will have a great time the way I did.

Hi Vernell, if you are real serious about meeting a great lady you just need to book a tour with Sam. 
I said the same thing you did about (maybe I'll give Sam a try) going on a tour and I wasted a lot of time. 
I could have already had my lady here if I didn't wait so long to go on a tour. I wrote a few ladies that 
Sam posted on his site and some wrote and some didn't. For them it's not easy to write to all the guys that respond. 
Some of the girls need to translate the letters to Spanish and if that is done with a computer translator a lot of what 
you say to them is lost in translation. I know this because I get quite a few letters in Spanish and when 
I translate them to English they don't make much sense. So now I have one of my friends translate them for me. 
Try writing a E-mail in Spanish and see what happens. I hope to go back to BAQ in June on Sam's next grand event. 
I would really like to go in April but I'm doing house construction and can't leave till it's done. 
Did you get the pictures I sent you? Well, I have to go. If you really want to find a great lady don't think 
about the money or any of your past experiences the way I did. Just book the trip and you will have a great time 
the way I did. Write me again if you have any other questions. Diver Bill


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