Things going so good, we planning on getting married by August.

Hi Sam. How are you doing? I am fine. I was on your group tour in June. On that tour I met 
and connected with my girlfriend Beatriz M. Things are still going good between us. Things going so good, 
we planning on getting married by August. I want to make sure that I have the documents I need, 
and Beatriz have the documents she need to come to the United States. My question is If I get married in Colombia, 
what documents would me and my bride would need to present to immigration? When we arrive in Bogotá, 
how long do we need to stay in Bogotá before entering the United States? 
Why do you recommend that I hire Gary Bala, the immigration attorney before getting married in Colombia? 
What will he do for me? How much would he charge for his services? Where would you recommend 
having the wedding reception, and how much would they charge to rent the building for that night? 
I would like you to please email with some answers. Thank you. From Roderic.  
Gary Bala, Immigration Attorney of 26+ Years.
Call  610-446-8472, tell him you are with I Love Latins and the 1st call is FREE!


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