I Love Latins / Barranquilla Beauties in the News! BQ's Major Newspaper did another positive story...

Sam and Consuelo / I Love Latins / Barranquilla Beauties in the News!
BQ's Major Newspaper did another positive story...
Another strength Another class of promotion, that also benefits to the city, 
although seems difficult to believe, is the one that they make the legally constituted 
serious agencies and, of married relations or friendship, that motivate many foreigners to visit Colombia. 
In the case of Barranquilla, the North Americans, who have come to the city 
in search of a formal relation, with aims to find a wife are numerous. 
Let us take like real example to one from them, Sam Smith who when arriving years ago at these earth, 
fell in love with a Barranquillera and of the city and return to his country she decided to constitute 
itself in connection to find pair, between his compatriots and the Barranquilleras. 
This did it not by business, because it had an important enterprise position, 
but with spirits of helping men who like him, had undergone the solitude. 
For Sam Smith, as well as for whom they are dedicated to this activity, 
he has not been far from easy to convince the North Americans to travel to Colombia, 
by the image that this one has in the outside; but once they begin to know 
on Barranquilla and its people, they do not doubt in coming and when they do it, 
normally they do not want to go away. In sounding made between the hundreds 
of Americans who have come in search of a married stability with costeñas, 
exposing itself to the dangers which they suppose are going to find, 
they thought that in general the women of these latitudes, 
conserve many qualities that are not already very frequent, 
like fidelity, familiar life, tenderness, moral principles, 
at the same time that recognize in them, its great intelligence and capacity. 
So the women of Barranquilla are another one of the strengths of this city. 
It is a call of reflection to many Barranquilleros men, who on the contrary, 
do not value their own women.


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