Subject: Barranquilla Colombian romance tour:
Hello Mark, I read your letter and would love to hear your thoughts on a few of the question I have. 
I’m thinking of taking a tour there, and its great to be able to chat with someone who’s actually already been there! 
First, if its ok, may I ask your age? I’m 34, and I noticed many of the Girls on the site are between 19 - 23, 
how did that age group respond to you? Overall impression, what did you think of the women over there? 
Any similarities or Major differences compared to the States? Would you happen to have any pics 
of the local scenery there that mite be able to send to me? 
If not that’s ok, just thought it be interesting to check out the local scene to get a flavor. Thanks alot, Dave
Dave, Don’t hesitate on going. The people are great!! It is completely safe. Don’t listen to the beaurocracy 
from the state department. It is actually more dangerous in Mexico vs. Colombia. 
The ladies are somewhat young but many of them wish to have a man from 40-55. Don’t let that stop you. 
The women in Barranquilla are more giving and less "high maintaince" than the ladies here… trust me! 
I had many ladies from 23-27 speaking with me at the events but the girl I had a spark or best interaction was 32. 
She looks much younger and I thought she was 1 of the prettiest ladies at the events. 
My fiancée’ Danna is smart, attentive, beautiful, and caring. 
I’m sure that there are many ladies who have similar qualities. Most of my pics have Danna and myself 
but I’ll send you a few to look at Dave. Take it easy. By the way I’m 40 now and half the guys on the tour 
were within 3-6 years of my age. Don’t worry, call Sam and book your tour. 
You won’t be disappointed!! Look how happy I am with my Danna!! Bye, Mark


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