Hola, My name is David and I am writing you from Sam's Tour. 
Hello, I could not help to notice that you mentioned that you were teaching "Southern English". 
What state are you from? I live in the South myself and I am going to Barranquilla next month. 
As a matter of fact, I already have requested an interpreter named Ericka. Anything you may wish 
to tell me, I would be interested to know. Thanking you in advance, David from Alabama
From N.C., David take a washcloth (its a American thing), Take the phone and name of the hotel 
with your carry on so that you can show it to border people at the airport. 
If you go through Bogota you will get your luggage and take it to Avianca (I’m pretty sure 
that is who you will use) where you will be told to take a bus to a different part of the airport 
(all the buses go to the same place and it does not matter if it is the 3 bus or 2 bus or what as long as you go out 
the door near Avianca where they point to). And the Avianca check in may be the only people who speak English 
(unless a pilot or stewardess is on your bus) and just before you land in Bogota they will give you a border paper to 
fill out which the stewardess can interpret for you or you can make them wait on you while they interpret 
it for you once you are at the border people on the ground in Bogota. When you arrive in BQ you will see Sam or 
if you miss them just take a taxi. Tell the taxi stand the name of the hotel (Royal hotel) and say dollars 
and they will give you a print out of the cost in dollars and you will be on your way with a crazy ass taxi driver 
whom you will pay on arrival in dollars and give him the printout. Someone will get your luggage 
and you will check in with a slightly English speaking nice looking lady where you can relax 
and later go get some pesos. Sam’s helper Karla can take you in her car to get pesos or you can walk to bank of 
Colombia which has a better rate. Or take a taxi which is not expensive and the hotel taxis are safe. 
Ask how much anything is before you accept anything and before any taxi ride. Taxis are inexpensive. 
My trip to the hotel was 8 dollars and on the return I did not ask how much and I feel like I was ripped off by 
the hotel taxi because I did not ask before leaving how much they will charge. 
They charged 40,000 pesos to take me to the airport which is about 17 dollars. 
All rooms at the royal are about 60 dollars a night. The nice rooms have a single bed and couch 
and desk with refrig.. (and if you want a nicer room you will have to ask and all rooms are the same price). 
Housekeeping will ask you if you need laundry done and it is not expensive. 
The locals are used to the water but you are not. The hotel has its own filter and is safe to drink. 
Keep copies of travelers checks in several places in case you loose anything. 
The hotel has a safe behind the check in where you will be given your own key to a safe deposit box. 
Keep your drivers license with you at all times and the name of the hotel and phone. 
When you leave the city always take your passport. The mall in Buena Vista is very nice and worth taking 
your lady and getting her a new pair of jeans. Be sure to buy a couple suckers from the children 
who try to sell to you because they are only a few coins and they will think you like them and it is good P.R.
 The mimes in the city must eat also and will perform for the camera and should get a little something also. 
The ladies are your best defense against being over charged anywhere. 
Housekeeping is excellent and I wish I had tipped each girl about 1000 pesos 
each day but I did not and was not there. The desk probably could have helped me. 
I do not think this is to much for the things I heard these women had to do. The hotel breakfast is safe. 
It did not hurt anyone. I hope you like Latin music because for this time you will not hear hardly anything American. 
The discos are good for dance and one the interpreters took us to was nice which I think was called the 26th floor. 
Make sure the guys take their own interpreter with them because there were some real cheap guys there with me 
who just used my interpreter. This is ok for ordering food but not to interpret for his lady. 
Sam says they get 7 to 10 dollars per hour away from his events and I was able to pay just $7. 
If you have a beard take your shaver because I was there long enough to grow it out kind of wild. 
If you want a nice beach then you can take a taxi to the bus station and for just 7000 pesos (about $3.50 usd) 
you can go to Santa Marta where you can go to that beach and then take a boat to whites beach 
where you will be waited on more reasonably without being bothered by all the hawkers. 
They also can take you to beaches for a little more money that are national parks 
or where you have so much privacy that nudity is possible but since I did not go to that particular beach 
I can’t say if it is just a attempt to sell you a swim suit once you are there. Excuse the poor humor. 
If you see a lady on any street just stare at her and she will most likely give you a yes signal. 
I was kissed at or told I was cute which I must wonder if they need glasses. More poor humor but the 
fact that they are bored looking at each other really helps. They like different just like we like foreigners here. 
For your return trip you only need to be at the airport 1 hour early or maybe less because I left at 7 am 
and was the only person in the BQ airport. I think you can convert your pesos to dollars if there 
is a bank in the airport open. When you get to your home airport be sure to stop at a atm before you leave 
the airport so that you can get dollars to pay for the long term parking. 
That’s about all I can think of now but I hope it helps. Oh yea one more thing. 
Take a Spanish dictionary or a electronic one (such as at ectaco.com the bes-1840,the partner es400t, 
or a voice translator (the volume is not good but it has a screen also). 
Do not pay the ask price and soon you will receive an email offer with about 50 off plus more. 
Use the bid your own price or what ever you must do to give them your email because I do not 
remember how they got mine. Bid real cheap so that they counter offer in later emails. 
Take about 100 photos of you with your email on it to pass out during Sam’s events. 
Have fun and hope to see you there sometime. Kelly

P.S. The photos are of Santa Marta as I took a boat to whites beach. 
The military person in a photo is on our trip to Cartagena when the military stopped us for passport checks.


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