I was in Russia with Another tour company and Sam's tours blow them away.

Nice picture! Any way they have very attractive women there I can see that, how many of them came up to you 
and wanted to get to know you or found you attractive. I'm worried that if I go not many women will want to talk to me or be with me. 
I'm nothing great but I'm not the worst either by any means. I'm very quiet person until I feel comfortable around people or with the situation. 
I want to make the most of it. I really want to meet the woman of my dreams there. I’ve seen the pictures of some of the men 
I think I look a little better than them but how many of the women wanted to meet them and actually came up to them 
and thought they were attractive and wanted to get to know them or were some of the men just sitting there doing nothing 
but getting drunk and none of the women wanted to be around them. If I’m going to spend $2000.00 to go there 
I want to be sure I will have the time of my life. The whole thing of having allot of women there when 
I get off the plane to greet me sounded great. Did that happen to you? Thanks, Trent

Trent let me assure you that I am a little over weight and I do not consider myself  very good looking 
and I had over 200 email addresses of interested woman that wanted to write me. Do not worry at all about this you 
will I guarantee that if you are serious and want to meet the woman of your dreams you will 
and you with out a doubt have the time of your life. 
Yes When you arrive on Thursday Sam and several women will be at the airport to meet you. Ed 

Hi Trent, Yes, I did get the video from abc. One of the problems I had with them is they do not have an office in Colombia they work out of the hotel when they are in that city.
Sam has an office in Barranquilla. The ladies are in and out all the time and there is an Internet you can use anytime you need.
Also abc hires models to do the videos Not that models are bad but I want to meet a real woman and I must say I did.
The video that you see of Sam's is from the events and I must say that I was at the event and I was having my Jaw hit the floor every time I looked around.
Sam is a real good man that just loves the work I do not know if you have ever called him
but I would say call the number it is his home number ask him any questions and he will be very honest with you.
The picture that I attached is not a model in fact she will be the first woman you see when you go to the Royal hotel
because she works there and is a good friend of mine. Sam's number is  281-481-0036.
On a personal note about abc, I was in Colombia when their tour was there and the owner was drunk in the airport.
That was not to impressive to me. I do not work for Sam and he does not pay me I am just giving you my honest opinion.
I was in Russia with Another tour company and Sam's tours blow them away. I took 2000 with me but I was there 23 days and I had 500 I came home with. 
The hotel Royal is nice for the price. 
Let me know if you have more questions and good luck in your search. Ed


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