are the ladies everything that Sam says they are, or is it worth the money spent- I SAY TO YOU- YES!

HI SAM! It was really good to talk to you again Sam! I just wanted to write you a short note 
after our talk and tell you to continue to encourage the "Doubting Thomas's" to call me, write me, 
or e-mail me if they have any questions they would like to ask of someone who has been rewarded with the 
"life changing" experience that you pledge to your clients. Sam, I owe you so much for the happiness that you 
and Barranquilla Beauties have given me, that I could not even begin to pay you back in a lifetime! 
To the fellows out there still pondering whether or not this works, is it legit, are the ladies everything 
that Sam says they are, or is it worth the money spent- I SAY TO YOU- YES! 
Sam offers more than just a service, he offers his honesty, his character, his reputation, and his friendship! 
Now how many businesses can you honestly say this about???? His relationship with the beautiful ladies 
of Colombia and his client/friends here in the United States are testimony to that! But if you are still doubtful, 
GIVE ME A CALL, WRITE ME, OR E-MAIL ME! I don't work for Sam nor do I receive any benefit from doing this, 
other than personal satisfaction of helping Sam or seeing another guy, like me, finally find the happiness 
that I have found, thanks to my very good friend, Sam! THERE IS ONE CATCH TO ALL OF THIS- 
YOU HAVE TO TAKE THAT FIRST STEP! After that-you'll never look back! THANKS, SAM! PAUL CROSS


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