You asked our Previous tour clients and new lifetime friends if they were Happy, 
with their decision to Go with a Real, Sincere I Love Latins Life changing Romance tour 
and Tropical Singles Vacation to BAQ, Barranquilla, Colombia. 
And they responded to you… No other company, introduction agency does so much for you… 
Adam, Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions regarding your Barranquilla experience and your very beautiful girl friend. 
Did you find that many women in Barranquilla spoke English? 
Was the agency easy going and not pushy and did you see many very thin woman 35 and up. 
What about the age difference, 
I am a young looking and thin 52 guy, single dad and interested in a Colombian woman. 
However I don't see many thin and attractive woman older than 35. I don't plan on more children 
but would except hers. Oh, and where do you live? Do you plan to marry her soon. Thanks, Hunter

Hello Hunter, I've got to run to work so I'll be quick. 
Most women don't speak English there but they are all willing to learn. I am blessed that my Fiancée 
has been studying for over a year now and she is nearly fluent. If you find a good girl, you will have to send her 
to English classes but it's very cheap, maybe $100 a month. I send her money directly via Western Union 
once in a while to help her with expenses but it's well worth it. Age doesn't matter. I'm more than 10 years 
older than my girl. My boss here in Florida, his Wife is from Colombia. 
She's 48 years old and looks 32. She is drop dead gorgeous!

My Fiancée’s cousin in Colombia is 35 and is shown in the first picture of the email I sent. 
She's 6th from the left in the tan colored top with her arm on her Son's shoulder (in the pinkish colored shirt). 
She's single and very cool but doesn't speak English. My guess is that if you give Sam a chance, 
he'll find you exactly what you are looking for and it will be the best trip of your life 
and the best money you ever spent. He is not pushy at all and is more than willing to be very helpful! 
Sam is GREAT! Oh and lastly, yes I'd like to marry Yesenia this year! Good luck! Adam


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