I had a good time and will go back to talk to some girls I met while I was there. I am wanting to go in Feb.

Hi, I’ve seen your letters on ilovelatins & Barranquilla Beauties.
I am very interesting. Can you tell me how it compares with the likes of abc? And also xyz sites.
Reading those I believe you can pick the ladies on the sites go there for a week 
and the company schedules the appts. with the ladies. Maybe 3-5 appts. a day then you can also 
make your own dates for lunch dinner and late night. I am wondering if you have visited 
the other companies and have a comparison. 
It seems you are very happy with the choice you made. thanks for any info. John
John, Yes, I have seen xyz and they look very good. I don't know about abc. 
Each of them costs about the same. I just chose to go with I love Latins because they had 
100+ documented weddings in that city, plus the owner attends all the tour 
and he is married to a nice lady from there and that says alot by itself. 
And I bought a package deal where I can go to any or all of his events in the next year. 
Realistically I will only make it back to one event. I think it is similar to what you are looking for. 
I think you might have a hard time writing the ladies before you go. 
Most of the girls do not have computers and must go to internet cafes and have to pay to write you. 
You will get some, but don't expect too many to write you before you go. 
You will actively have to go there in person and that way they will know you are serious. 
They will defiantly write you then, but then it might be too late, because you might have 
already found a good woman while you were there. 
You could always buy some names from the other sites and see if you can contact 
some ladies before you go. I will have a better chance, because I can contact my interpreter 
and have her call her and tell the lady that I want to write her and to check her email.

I love Latins has events where a whole bunch of pre-screened ladies show up and you get 
to talk to whoever you want to meet. There you get phone #'s and later you set up dates with them. 
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner and maybe a couple in between if you really want to work it. 
You don't want any more than 5 a day, because you will confuse each of the girls with another one and you 
won't remember anything about them! 
I had a good time and will go back to talk to some girls I met while I was there. 
I am wanting to go in Feb. Jason Ruder


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