The girls who come to Sam's events tend to be more serious otherwise they wouldn't be there in the first place!

Hello David, Here is an answer to JL who lives on the south shore of Montreal. 
Since I spent a lot of time answering his e-mail, I think this information will answer a lot of your questions!! 
I too went to Cuba but correspondence to this country is terrible and not likely to change anytime soon. 
Here's the e-mail to JL. Please scroll down to the end to see his actual message to me:

Hello JL, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes I have been to Barranquilla and it is the only way 
that you will convince a woman to care for you! You can communicate by e-mail forever and maybe nothing 
will happen. If you want to bring a woman to Canada on a visa, it is very possible the Canadian government 
will ask you for pictures of you and your girlfriend together! Have you looked into the possibilities 
of bringing a Colombian woman to Canada?

It is best to go to Sam's events because you will have a wide choice and actually see the girls live for yourself. 
To try to bring a woman to Canada without first visiting her in her country is risky business. 
I know, I tried it in Ukraine myself and it cost me money and it didn't work for me. In fact when you first meet 
the woman that you have been communicating with over the internet, 
ou might change your mind because of her personality!

The girls who come to Sam's events tend to be more serious otherwise they wouldn't be there in the first place! 
These women are competing for you. If they win your affections, they feel like they have won a huge lottery! 
Would you go to a party if there were, let's say only 6 men and 250 women. Probably not; 
but these women face the same odds as you would face with 250 different men. 
A lot of these women are good sports; I myself, probably
wouldn't even consider going to a party of 250 men and 6 women!

Communicate with several women, if you wish before you go down and tell them that you will probably meet 
with more than one of them when you are down there. Some might not like this but at least you are honest 
and you will scare off the women who can't handle that kind of scenario! You will have many choices so you 
don't have to lock in to only one woman. You will be spreading your risk this way!

Basically you have no choice, if you want a Colombian woman you will have to go there!! 
No, Sam is not paying me to write this e-mail today! I am just telling you because I have privately met 3 
Russian women when I was in Ukraine and it all fell through! The one I chose who also chose me 
changed her mind at the last minute. She had not done her homework. 
She did not realize she had won first prize! 
I believe that in time she will regret this mistake! We really liked each other!!

When women know they are competing for you their attitude is very different from my experience in Ukraine. 
The mentality of the women change when they know you are also going to meet with other women.
I am sending a copy of this e-mail also to Sam because he is my friend and I want him to see it.
Good luck, Maybe I'll see you there! Sincerely, Richard
Hello Richard!
I am very please to meet you through Sam’s Agency! 
You are the first person To be that close to me who had the guts to go... I am from the south shore of Montreal... 
I know of Sam s agency for almost 2 years now. I was communicating through internet 
with a girl from the agency and we were planning to get married but she had some
problems and I decided to cancel the whole thing. So I never went there and I never met her in person. 
I am in my early 40s and I would like to get married with a nice Colombian Girl and I know they are nice. 
Well, let me know what you think and if you really want to bring back a Colombian girl over here. 
Take care. Best regards JL


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