It is for real, I know it is hard to believe that there are some honest people in the world.

Got your e-mail about your trip to Barranquilla. It sounds like you had a great experience. 
When I went there I used another agency. I thought perhaps that one was one of those scams... 
you know the ones you hear about, dishonest agencies. 
So I guess they are cool to deal with? 
Tell me about it please... I want to go there again for vacation.
Thanks, Marc
Marc, You sound skeptical, what is the deal? You didn't like the pics I sent you? 
  That is me in those pics...... they are real. I try to help you out and this its the thanks I get. 
I just told you what agency I used, you can use any you want. 
I have been there and have experienced it first hand. 
Yes, it was an expensive vacation, if that is all you are doing, but if I had to do it all over again I would. 
It is for real, I know it is hard to believe that there are some honest people in the world. 
I told you my experience I had with the women, yours could be different and it sounds like it was. 
Yes, there are some women with kids there, but there are alot of ones without kids also. 
I found a single girl with no kids and a college education and as sweet as could be, and good looking. 
They are there, but you do have to look for them. 
If you were in Barranquilla, I find it hard to believe you didn't find a few good women there!

What is the address you keep referring to? I don't know what you are talking about. 
As I said before , I have been to the office in Barranquilla for ilovelatins.com  
It is in the same building that is pictured on the internet site, go look for yourself.  
That agency has over 100+ marriages....... what agency did you use, so I do not use it? Jason
Sam, I sent this guy some pics of some women after he wanted to know about my experience. 
I guess he is skeptical or got burned by someone else?   
Wow!!!......... Jason


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