You can NOT go wrong with a nice Colombian woman! They are the best.

Hi Adam, I was reading about your trip, I need some tip is it safe to go by my self. 
where do we land. how the food. is the water safe to drink. thanks, Elwood
If you go alone, I hope you speak Spanish very well. The Taxi drivers are all crazy and if you don't speak Spanish, 
it may be difficult to tell them where to take you. I'd would seriously get in interpreter from Sam's service 
if you have no other options. Also, the food was very good and I did drink the water, so far, I'm none the worse for it.

Here are a few tips: 
1. It's very hot there all the time, take several pairs of shorts and short sleeve shirts. 
flip flops or sandals would be good too. 
2. Most nicer places take credit cards and the exchange rates are fair if you do use them. 
If so, I'd consider calling your credit card company or bank and ask them to issue you a temporary card 
with a different number compared to your normal number only for the trip. This way if you lose your card 
or the number is stolen, you'll be safer and have less trouble fixing it when you get back. 
Many of them will do this for you. 
3. There was never a time when I felt I wasn't safe, however, my fiancée' told me that if I wasn't with her, 
some of the taxi drivers could have taken me to a place to be robbed and left me there. 
If I spoke Spanish well, this would have been less an issue. 
I'm lucky because she speaks English almost perfectly. 
So Yes, it can be dangerous there, but then again, 
there are just as many places in the US that are equally dangerous. 
You just have to be aware and think ahead. You'll be fine. 
4. Don't be nervous or act like you are scared. I was always comfortable and happy the whole time there. 
If you act like a victim or a potential victim, people that would take advantage of that will do so. 
5. I sent most of the money for my trip to my girl via western union in advance and let her pay 
for everything everywhere we went. I was told not to do this because Colombian men 
would see that as a sign of weakness, but she said not to worry about that and I had no problems at all. 
Besides, I don't care what people think. 
All I can say is this trip changed my life and this is the most perfect woman I have ever seen! 
As I said, she held my hand and kissed me constantly. This is not about a green card scam either. 
I gave her every opportunity to be honest about that and asked her point blank about it. 
I even offered to help her to come to the US if that is all she wants with no strings attached! 
She said absolutely NOT! She said she wouldn't care if we lived there and I had no money. 
These women are raised to be caring, family oriented, and nurturing. She fixed my hair, 
fixed my plate of food (always giving me more than I could eat), picked out what clothes she wanted me to wear, 
she is a manicurist so she did my nails on my hands and feet (that felt wonderful!), and on and on. 
You can NOT go wrong with a nice Colombian woman! They are the best.

Sincerely, Adam K. Weaver 

(Sam, feel free to copy and / or forward this too) 
Awesome! I’m glad you forwarded that out. I’ll answer any questions that come in. 
Check out the rest of the photos I sent you :) Have a good week my friend! Adam


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