go to Barranquilla take a look at where they live. They are the type of women that we had here in the old days but do not exist here today.

Hello, Thank you for your letter and the offer to write to you. I am looking specifically for a wife, 
but I don't want to go to Colombia, party till dawn every night, meet 17 girls and come home 
and write for months and months. I have often said that if I could just purchase a wife I would probably consider it. 
Part of my problem is a phobia about flying. I dislike flying immensely. I don't want to have to fly down there 
more than once if possible. I have been toying with the idea of going there for almost two years now 
and will soon turn 55 yo. Friends think that I am mid 40's, all hair still in place, slim etc. 
My other problem is time. Everyone says they have a lot on their plate, but in my case 
between working 12 hour days 3-4 days a week at the hospital, and working on my investment property 
the other 3 days, I really don't have the time or typing skills to write to 17 woman. So, do you think that 
these woman are sincere, or are they just looking for an easy way out of Colombia? 
Why on earth would 400 attractive woman attend a party where they know there will be less than 20 men. 
They must do it more than once, which means they keep going. Sam has at least one trip each month, 
If I were one of 400 woman, I might go to one or two parties, but that would be it for me. 
But, Sam always has 3-400 woman at these parties, so, why would they all keep going? 
From what you experienced, do you think that going there for a longer period, 
say two weeks would give me time to narrow the group to just one woman and then hang around 
long enough to learn about her, enough to get engaged while there? I don't believe that it is possible 
to fall in love in a week or two, or for that matter, in months of e-mails, but I do believe that it is possible 
to find a woman that is pretty, intelligent, and who has similar interests and goals to mine. 
That is all I really need to get married, the falling in love part I believe will come after we are together. 
The only thing I won't be able to tell in the shorter period of time is the degree of sincerity of the woman. 
Lastly, what about language difficulties. Other that Hola, and adios, I am Spanishless. 
Is communication a problem. I have tried computer translation which is just about worthless. 
Sorry to go on so long, hope I didn't bore you. Mike
Mike, You do not write 17 women, You meet them, then you would write, telephone, 
email 1 or 2 of the best ones. The letters do not have to be typed just written. 
The party will end at 11 or 12 at night. As for flying, you could do this in two trips. 
The women are very sincere they want life with a sincere person, the men there are not this type. 
And they do want a better life. When you go to Barranquilla take a look at where they live. 
They are the type of women that we had here in the old days but do not exist here today. 
The language is not a problem at the party, they have interpreters. Sam has English classes for the women 
and you should take Spanish. When you use the telephone you should 
use a 3 way with someone that speaks Spanish/English. Garfield


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