You have to meet the girls in person.

Hey Jason, Interesting that you took the trip down to BAQ. Did you contact any gals before you went down 
and were they able to bring some of those gals to the event? A couple friends and I would like to go down in June...
but I would rather have some pre-contact with some gals I know are going to be there...
I am not looking for an Easter egg hunt... I would like to explicitly follow up in person with some
of the gals I see in their magazines... Have you seen this work from your own experiences or others?
Thanks for the feedback. Glad you had a great time... Maybe I'll see you on your next trip.
Hey, send me your best Picture of the type of gals you can meet. Peace, Jim
Jim, I contacted a few before I went, but the funny thing was that they were not so great 
when I compared them to other girls I met. Sure they were attractive and nice and sweet, 
but I found out they were not a good match for me when I was there. 
They would make good friends, but that is all. You have to meet the girls in person. 
It did kinda help me to make up my mind to go though. 
At least I would know someone there. You will not have any problem meeting girls 
you will like if you go to the events there. The only problem will be choosing which one 
and in deciding if you really want to get married now or wait a little longer to see if you can do any better!

I don't blame you on the Easter egg hunt. It takes time dating the girls 
you meet and your time is very valuable while you are there. 
You don't want to spend too much time with a bad prospect. 
I would encourage you to write some girls before you go. 
You might have a hard time getting some of the girls to write you, because hardly anyone has 
a computer there and they all must go to internet cafe and pay to use internet which is expensive. 
I will have a better chance of getting a hold of them because I can contact my interpreter 
and have her call the girl for me. 
Take care of your interpreters while you are there and they will take care of you.

I plan on going back in Feb to see a few girls that I am interested in. 
Until then I am trying to get them some English courses to study and write them when I can. 
I know this has worked for 100+ guys that have gotten 
married after going to one of I love Latins events and I think this will work for me too. 
If you go you will be talking about it for a long time to come 
and will not want to go home and you will want to get back there as soon as you can. Jason Ruder


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