Colombia is safer than the USA and more fun

Hola Sam, I enjoy your email and would like to help out any one I can. I got divorced after 30 years, 
tried out several American women, found mostly spoiled brats at 60.  
But I had been exploring Latina women having lived in Spain for 4 years. 
I like fishing and wanted a place by the ocean, tried Costa Rica too hot and too expensive 
and humid on the beach there. I heard about Santa Marta, went there stayed at the hotel Searra 
30 a night on the beach. Looked at condos and pent houses. 
I could not believe they were not asking a million for some of those places. 
So I have bought one me and my wife will be going bye you on Sunday. 
You may want to come and visit any time.
Some people are afraid to come here but that is all changing, Colombia is safer 
than the USA and more fun, and what average guy can own a pent house on top 
of the world and his boat at the back door ready for deep sea fishing. 
This may be my last gasp but I am going out with a big Harrah. There are a lot of 
things people should know and I have a very good English speaking lawyer, a must.
Please keep me on your email list, I am getting the car packed and will write more later. William


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