Dave: I would recommend that you go to BAQ with Sam Smith's group. I am a firm believer now.

Hello Mike, I was thinking of taking a tour there, and was wondering what you thought 
of the women from Colombia? Was your age ever an issue with the girls? 
What did you think of their overall sincerity and how they responded to you when you talked with them?

Just curious do you have any pics of the local scenery from there that you can send? Thanks, Dave
Dave: I would recommend that you go to BAQ with Sam Smith's group. 
Stay with the group and listen to what he tells you. If you are inclined to 'branch out' on your own. 
You will miss out on a lot of decent fun and companionship. Being with the group also allows you 
to pick up on the 'vibes' of others as well as the other gentlemen in the group picking 'vibes' from your companions. 
This is an important aspect of the tour. Often, others will see what those of us to close to the forest can not. 
Might save a problem in the future. Might also hasten a closer relationship. You did not mention your age. 
I found mine not to be troublesome. Then again I am a 'fit' 63 year old (with a few extra pounds) 
who plays Tournament Level Racquetball and practices 3-4 days a week.

What kind of 'photo' would you like to see... Sam's site -- 
www.Ilovelatins.com has many photos of beautiful Ladies. In short if you are interested in quality. 
Go with SAM. If you are just interested in getting Laid... pick someone else. 
Sam runs an up front operation. It took me a while to be convinced. 
I am a firm believer now. Regards, Mike


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