The plane ticket from Miami, FL to BAQ can be got for less than $400 (abstravel.com)

Kelly, yes I was wondering how you went about paying for the trip on "I love Latin women" 
I'm handicapped and in a wheel-chair with muscular dystrophy and I only get $570.00 a month. 
I am really interested in going to find the women of my dreams. Can you please tell me how you did it. 
Oh and by the way. Sam gave me your address to get a hold of you. I hope you don't mind. 
Thank you for taking the time to read this and any info. that you can give me would greatly helpful. 
Have a great day... Jeff
Jeff, You should purchase the catalog which I think is on disk 
and if you purchase the older catalogs they are inexpensive. 
Write them and tell them your situation and who you want and save any answers 
because the state department will want to see that you have known each other for a long enough time 
to know each other and are not just trying to get someone into the USA. 
The plane ticket from Miami, FL to BAQ can be got for less than $400 (abstravel.com) 
and a Grey hound bus to Miami works for me. The greyhound bus station is just a little bit down the road 
from the Miami airport and a taxi will not be a big thing. The trick is to find a cheap hotel 
because I do not know enough about the other hotels to tell you about a great deal. 
The Royal hotel where I stayed was about $60 per night. If you only stay a few days you would be ok. 
That’s why you should write the ladies and have any interested parties ready to meet you when you arrive 
at the hotel so you can take care of business and then leave as budget permits. 
The actual introduction of the ladies to the men only happened twice on the first two nights. 
Then will come a pool party and then a trip to Cartagena by bus. Not all the guys went to all the events 
and some only went to one. They wanted to stay around the hotel. I hope this helps. Kelly


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