They only want you to come meet them.

Hi Kelly, I read your trip report to BQ and Sam’s agency, It all sounded very good. 
The girls in the first foto to Sam, who are they? Is the girl in the green bikini a translator or work for Sam? 
What about the other girl on the other side. She is also very pretty. 
Are they both truly available or just there for the camera? How did you like the quality of women at the socials? 
Is BQ a safe city? Where did you stay and how were the rooms and prices? Thanks for your assistance, Ron
Dear Ron, The ladies in that photo are as real as real can get. 
hey are my friends and I will always remember them. 
They are willing to be in photos because they want the guys to come. 
We - Us guys who were with these ladies all thought the same thing. 
They must be getting paid something for this. I spent so much time with them that I now know better. 
They get nothing!!! They only want you to come meet them. 
The one in the green bikini is not a interpreter for Sam but she has told me that because she needs to work 
she might try it and see if she likes it. Once she does start she will not be able to meet guys 
who do not write her first. Her name is KEITHA. The girl on the other side also gets nothing to be in the photos. 
She went out with a guy on my tour. Actually they both did but the guys never laid claim to them. 
The ladies were willing but the guys have been on tours before and I think are professional tour goers. 
Actually I would be more proper to say it was the ladies first tour. They are available and were there on the 
February 2005 valentine’s BQ tour and on what I think is catalog 12 which you can order from Sam. 
I would give you the email myself but I do not want to put Sam out of business so that he can’t help more guys.

The quality of women? I did not meet many ladies with degrees but I also had not made out a personal ad 
for myself which is included in the tour and which you should have long before the trip. 
I also missed the first social (1 of 2 socials). It was Keitha who made my tour come alive. 
The ladies I met maybe did not have 4 year degrees 
(they are working on it or they have dead end 3 year degrees) 
but I could see their heart beat when they told me they will do whatever I say is necessary 
to help me accept them (they were referring to a degree in my case). 
As far as looks go they are as nice as most in the states and about all of them really look good in jeans 
where not all do in the states. There were some on the streets going about their business that I wish 
I could have had time to meet. On the street about 9 in 10 gave me the signal they were interested in me. 
In the USA about 1 in 20 gives me a signal they are interested. If it was not for the fact 
that I arrived in BQ sick and was out of commission for a while, 
I think I could have found quantity on my own. 
But quality may be the ladies who cared about me enough to spend all their time 
looking after me (Keitha and Gloria and sol Maria and Fedilini) and tell me they will do 
what ever I say in order for me to accept them. What do you think?

BQ is safe. The taxi drivers I met were all very good and looked after us. 
One looked after us and waited all night while we were at a disco. 
Others would not let us go to unsafe neighborhoods or drop anyone off there. 
Around the hotel you can go out all night and be safe.

Sam will tell you where to stay. Just make sure he knows what tour you want. Be clear on this. 
We stayed at the Royal hotel. It has its own water filter and I liked the staff. 
The wind blows a lot in BQ and the windows rattle at night. Of course I was on the 12th floor. 
However if I came down to far I would hear the car horns. The rooms were about 60 per night. 
The hotel does laundry for you for a small cost. There is a small refrig. and the larger rooms 
have a desk and couch and single large bed. Smaller rooms have twin beds. 
Remember to keep the phone number of the hotel with you on the plane 
so that when you arrive at the Colombian border check you can tell them where you 
will be and when you get to BQ at the airport you can tell the people at the taxi stand where you are going. 
Tell them dollars and they will print a ticket for you with the usd dollar cost for the taxi to the hotel. 
You do not need pesos until you are well settled in your hotel. Kelly


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