Sam sets up some nice get togethers so you will not be bored.

Hello Bill, I was apprehensive as well but I am going next month for one of the tours. 
If you have any insight that might be helpful...the do's and the don'ts please let me know I am curious. 
Congratulations on finding the girl of your dreams. 
Do you remember how long the flight is from Miami, I live in Ft Lauderdale. 
Thanks in advance. Derek Anderson
Hi Derek, The FLT. To BAQ from Miami is about 2hours & 40min. 
There aren’t to many don'ts but there are a few does. First I would chose a nice picture of yourself 
and have at least 25 of them made. Put your name and E-mail address on the back so you can hand them out 
to all the girls you like. It is easier to give out your picture then it will be to talk to all the girls that want to jump on you. 
Talk to the ones that really interest you and have the rest E-mail you later. Work close with an interpreter 
and she will make sure everything you say will be relayed to the girls. Make sure you bring your camera. 
There will be a lot to take pictures of. Sam sets up some nice get togethers so you will not be bored. 
I hope this helps you. If you have any other questions just E-mail me and I will respond. 
Have a great time over there. Diver Bill


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