There are plenty of guys who marry much younger ladies and live there happily ever after.

Subject: RE: Barranquilla Colombia romance tour
Hello Kelly, I just read your letter on the site, and was thinking of taking a tour there also, 
and being you have already been there, I’d be excited to hear bout your experience 
and your impressions of the women there. First, is it ok I ask your age? I’m 34, and I noticed alot of the Gorgeous 
girls on the site are 19 -23, would they really go for a guy my age out of sincerity and not just for $? 
What was your overall impression of the women there, their maturity, sincerity? Any Major similarities / 
differences that surprised you as compared to the USA women? 
Lastly do you have any pics you can send that you took of the local scenery down there? 
I’ve never traveled out of USA before. Thanks much, John in PA
Hey John, You have got to take the bad things about the culture with the good. Yes money is involved. 
Everyone there is out to sell you something. 
You can’t go to the beach in Cartagena in peace without hawkers flocking around you 
(although they do give cheap very good massages). The ladies usually have no problem asking you 
to buy them something such as a set of new clothes or in my case a nice little emerald.
 Just do not let anyone drag you in a jewelry store if you cannot explain to your lady that you are not going 
in to buy her something. In my case I would not trade what I did for anything!!! Here was someone 
who never had anything nice for herself because she has a child and I could see her heart beat 
and her love for me because I gave her what she could never do for herself. It’s the culture so be ready for it 
or stay away from those places. On the flip side the family’s share and are together and very supportive 
(Go home with a lady and see). 

Your lady is your best protection if she speaks English. 
Remember that the ladies think that ilovelatins is about them even though they are glad you are there. 
They are experiencing this usually for the first time. They will probably make mistakes such as calling 
a interpreter to meet with you and which you will have to pay for. My lady learned this lesson the first time 
and I got to watch her reaction of me handing the interpreter money and I observed her sudden -GULP. 
Yes you will have to have the money to pay for these things and just be sure who you want calling 
on you so that these things do not happen often or if it does happen it is someone worth the money. 
I mean they probably feel silly walking over and going "hola" and then not able to say anything else in English. 
They probably do not want to go get a interpreter and think they are making some guy who is not interested 
in them pay so that they can go " hola" (Maybe they do not know that the interpreters are free at these pool party 
events). When I did walk up to the ladies I found them to be most receptive and days later I found them to be 
jealous that I went with someone else to Cartagena (the romance part of the tour and they know it). 
I explained to them that I went with the first lady who asked me to take them to Cartagena 
and if they had asked me I would have gone with them.

Maturity? That’s a matter of truth. Truth is sometimes complicated. I would say that if your lady 
accepts calls from local guys while she is with you then she probably couldn’t be trusted. 
If she says anything cruel about how anyone looks then she probably can’t be trusted. 
If her age is so much younger than you that you are not comfortable that she will not choose anyone 
younger some day, then she is to young for you and you are fooling yourself. If you married and stayed 
in Colombia I would say you can marry a much younger lady but if you bring her here she will start listening 
to all the female lib and our American culture. That’s my opinion. If she has a child already then she is 
not perfect and probably will have a hard time with anyone wanting her and she will love you because of you. 
That’s my opinion. I get the feeling that a guy as young as you should be able to marry anyone 
and be safe from any age problem. There are plenty of guys who marry much younger ladies 
and live there happily ever after. You are young so do not worry about that. 
I think you will get a feeling of the maturity of the ladies immediately. All of us did. 
And I think all of us were right. Maybe it was something in the water.

The trip to Cartagena is where you will begin to learn who you are with. 
ince she will probably not speak English you will get to watch her reactions 
and heart beat and breathing whenever something happens. I wrote many
things just now that I just also deleted because it gives away the ending 
for you and I can’t spoil this experience for you.

I am sending a couple more emails to you with some tips that may be useful 
or maybe not but just pick out what concerns you. Good luck! (photos)
Hotel view from hotel royal, my excursion to Santa Marta, my friends in
Santa Marta (You might like to meet the one on the right (24) because she 
is a blast and if you know anyone for the one on the left I can tell you she is
38 and unbelievable in new jeans and both cook) , a mime (they do this for
donations), a soldier boarding our bus to check passports.
Kelly a Very Happy I Love Latins tour client!!!


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