I believe in what you are doing and I want to see you succeed. Take care and God Bless, Tony

Hi Big Sam, Happy New Year... Yes I have received a few inquiries from people who read my testimonial. 
Most guys wanted to know how was the tour and was it as good as I mentioned. 
Of course I told them that it was true and recommended it highly. I was not aware you wanted to be copied 
I will copy you on all future contacts. I am moving steadily along with one of the ladies I spent most of my time 
with and I really feel for her. I think she is special, but God and time will tell. If things continue as they are, 
then I will return to see only her in March. If things don't work out.. then I am going to go on another tour with you. 
I already have one friend who is definitely going on my next tour of duty. If I go on another tour. 
Sam, I believe in what you are doing and I want to see you succeed. Take care and God Bless, Tony


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