You will be very happy with the woman you find, be honest and true, and she will do the same to you.

Hi Joel, My name is Denny. I get these testimonials all the time from I Love Latin's & Barranquilla Beauties. 
However I'm a 57-year-old Man and what I see on the videos is young ladies. I'm also a little over weight 
(working on that one) do they really like Men for who they are and not for how much money they have. 
Your right about American ladies all they seam to want is my money. I've spent over two hundred thousand 
on my last girl friend, And getting tired of shelling out money without getting anything in return. 
I hope you respond to this with the truth. Thanks, Denny
Hi Denny, that is much money to spend on someone you don’t know, 
I don’t believe you will find that problem with a Spanish woman. I might me wrong but I doubt it. 
No one will ever know for sure in this life we live in.

My bride is the best thing that ever happened to me, you see I am not over weight, 
but I am handy-capped with MS and I cannot move or walk very well, but I do have all my facilities 
and she still loves me like I was normal. I am not worried one bit, and neither is she. 
She knows that I use to be very active and athletic, but not so anymore. By the way I am 54 years old, 
and as I stated I do have MS, but that does not make me less of a person. She will look at you from within 
not from the outside. If you never lie to her and never cheat on her she will reciprocate Denny. 
Sam will show you the best time of your life and whichever lady you wish to spend time with will do the same. 
I can tell you right now if you, always respect her wishes, and her ways she will love you forever. 
Honesty and a good man who will communicate with the woman will be a honest man and well respected by all woman.

Joel Priebe; You will be very happy with the woman you find, 
be honest and true, and she will do the same to you. 
Thanks for your quick reply Joel, and thanks for being honest. 
I hope you have a wonderful marriage, You sound like you've got one WONDERFUL lady. 
Maybe I'll be as lucky as you someday. Thanks once again, Denny


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