Are these ladies amazing or what?

Sam- no problem, dude, just telling the truth. I think I finally convinced little Melissa that 19 
was a little too young for me since I got a son older than her- she came back by offering to introduce me 
to her cousin and her half-sister!! Are these ladies amazing or what? Course in return I gotta come up 
with a cowboy in her age range-shouldn't be a problem, starved cowboys is all we got here. 
Buddy, have a good Christmas, and let Him help you shoulder the load. By the way, 
I just sold three options on the Sept. 150 coffee calls for about a grand total, five minutes work. 
Sept. coffee is at about 70 cents, it's a safe trade. Let me know if this deal interests you, 
I work with a couple brokers who specialize in selling over-valued low risk options on futures. Started in Feb. 
this year, my account is up about 27%,have never taken a bad trade using their recs. income diversification, 
bro- I don't want to run around knocking the nuts off unbroken colts when I'm 70- if you want to look at their deal, 
I'll have them send you some stuff- Doc
Sam-quit thanking me, bud, I do what I do, and I know you are in a world of hurt right now, I understand, 
been there, believe me. I won't tell you any more, just that it'll be ok, even though it doesn't seem so now. 
A couple of years from now, you'll say Doc was right. Don't sweat it, I been down alot more than that, 
and you aren't gonna blow out the storehouses of heaven, I'll guarantee you. May I suggest Deuteronomy 28, 
beginning at 11? Every word in that book is the honest truth, even though it took me 50 years of a crooked path 
to figure it out. If you want to see what God does when he changes your life, read the book of Job. I lived that book, 
except I wasn't near as righteous as Job. Bueno, buddy, I'm here whenever you need me-don't be a stranger, 
we're all on this planet together-don't try to be too damn tough- 
it don't work, take it from an ex saddle-bronc man, love Doc


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