I turned 53 yesterday, and have women after me at least 18-32 years younger than myself, with good minds, good values, and damn sure good figures.

Hello , I guess by now you have has many guys write you concerning your testimonial for the tour 
you took with "I love latins" my question is, how about the ladies ages? I have seen several of Sam's videos, 
and the women look too young, at least for me, I'm 43 tears old, and I prefer between 35 -42, and in the videos, 
their are some, but not many, how was it at the tour? any information you can give me would be appreciate it, thank you.

Dave T
Dave- I'm Doc, and I'd be glad to answer any questions you have. 
The I love latins tour was great, the owner, Sam is a good guy, does a good job, 
and the women of Barranquilla are warm, friendly, beautiful, very approachable, sincere, and allot of fun. 
Now to the meat of our discussion; you cannot the women of Colombia by age, or by the same stick that we use here. 
I would say that you can give them 7-10 years more maturity than an American woman, given their age. For example, 
a 25 year old Colombian woman has the maturity of a gal 32-35 in our country, they are taught at an early age 
to accept responsibility, they have not been confused by a wavering value system, as so many Americans are; 
they know who they are and what is right, and what they want. So what do you want? A woman that looks 25 
and thinks 35, or a woman that looks 35,and thinks 25? Also, let me say at 43, you're a pup in their eyes, buddy, 
I turned 53 yesterday, and have women after me at least 18-32 years younger than myself, with good minds, 
good values, and damn sure good figures. Don't judge what happens there by what happens here, 
your age is a sign of maturity and respectability there, and it attracts the ladies allot. My advice, 
call Sam, won't cost ya much, and talk to him, he's the man, and he'll treat you honest, he's got a good value system too. 
But don't just sit there at 43 and be lonely, when there's plenty of pretty, nice and good women out there. 
Here in my par of the country we got a saying- get on the horse, or don't get on the horse, 
but don't stand there with one foot in the stirrup- you get my meaning, amigo? 
I think Nike revamped that saying to the tune of several billion, "just do it"- if you got any questions, 
the doc is here- lemme know, it won't hurt, I promise, and you can thank me later- DOC


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