Men that have proven that they can be faithful, and a good father and husband are prime;

Hi Doc, I hope I am not bothering you. I am 55 and just wrote to Sam to know if I was being unrealistic 
because after browsing the first 143 galleries the women I found interesting were between 24 and 32 (17 total). 
Not much to base my choice on. Only the photos. I am not counting the ladies 18 to 24 that I did not take note 
of because I feel they are way too young. I read in your testimonial that you dated women 18-35. 
What is your feeling about them? Can I really expect them to be interested for a reason other than money? 
Thanks, Norm the Undecided Canadian guy. 
Hey Canadian guy- my name is Chris, I live in New Mexico, I'm a veterinarian. 
Let me explain a few things to you, ok? First, do not base your thoughts on anything you have been 
brought up with- different rules down there. The people in central and south America don't live in a vacuum like us. 
And the women don't go into arrested development at 18, where they go to college, spend three years 
after living with girlfriends and working, then live with a guy for a couple years, get married, 
and divorce four years later- that's the basic scenario here. Down there, they get whatever education 
or employment they can get, and become women. Therefore, it's real common that a girl of 24 has the maturity 
of a 30 or 33 year old woman here, or in Canada. I dated girls from 18-35 because I couldn't tell the difference 
in their maturity levels. Secondly, here in America or Canada, youth is the thing. There, maturity means stability- 
think about it. If you are gonna bet on a horse, do you want a "first out", or one with a track record- 
Men that have proven that they can be faithful, and a good father and husband are prime; 
it doesn't happen down there. About the money, if you are a middle class Canadian citizen, 
you have allot more to offer than what they can find in their own country, 
but I will guarantee you they are not as materialistic as North Americans- 
they want what they cannot find in their country- a man who will love them, 
accept them, (and their children), and just be with them- that's what they want. If they wanted money, 
they could hook up with a drug guy there who would make more than you and I for a lifetime in 30 minutes. 
In fact, yesterday, a friend of mine in Cali, she's 32, refused a date with a federal court judge, 
who tried to win her over with money-she told him she wasn't for sale! No matter the price! 
These women got pride in themselves, man. My advice, go to Barranquilla- it's safe, it's nice, 
the women are beautiful, they like guys our age, they have an inner beauty that is indescribable- 
Just call Sam, he's a really nice guy, then go, then write me back, and tell me I was right-
or else sit in the icehouse, catch a few northerns, drink some moosehead, and be real lonely- 
what's the problem- do it-you will thank me- if you need some more encouragement let me know, 
hell I might even go with you- stay in touch- Doc
Hi Doc. Just to tell you I finally jumped into the pool. I will be in BAQ from Feb.19 to March 04.
You probably have received video#7 by now. I did on Wednesday You really seem to be having fun in it. I am
sending you a photo. So if you decide to come at the same time you will know what I look like. Just
curious: do you recall Mirey? What is she like? If you have an eye on her tell me and I will pass.

Wish you a very Happy New Year. Normand in Canada. 
             Normand -good job man, you'll do great, I'm sure. Don't think I know the girl, 
but I'll check the video and see if I remember her, and report back. Stay in touch, Doc in NM.


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