You will NOT regret going with Sam and his agency, I know! Doc

Subject: Barranquilla tour


Doc, I read your testimonial and just wanted to ask you a question since you 
mentioned that you dealt with other agencies in Cali. I am torn between Cali 
and Barranquilla because the one agency called (abc) has such beautiful girls photos. 
Some of Sam's ladies galleries don’t compare. 
What do you think and are the girls catalogues better once you join better? 
Thanks in advance as I am keen on meeting a lady from Colombia. Cheers, Chad. 
Hi Chad- Here's my opinion, having been both places. The ladies of Cali are way beautiful, no doubt. 
But there's a couple deals to consider. Most of the agencies in Cali put the most beautiful girls on their websites 
and in their catalogue only. Sam puts in every girl who wants in. Secondly, the photos alone can be deceiving; 
I've seen tons of beautiful girls in both places, and I met a girl once who was beautiful in foto, and a real dog in person. 
Thirdly, you need to ask yourself what is you want- a trophy, or a partner. You can get either down there, 
to me the girls in Barranquilla are more down to earth and sincere- I went out with a slew in both places, 
but I have more friends in Barranquilla!!! The catalogues in any case don't match up to the real thing, 
and Sam at I love Latins takes better care of you than any I know of- from the airport through the whole deal, 
without charging you extra for everything- no one else I know of has girls waiting for you at the airport- pretty ones! 
Quit freezing up there, pick up the phone call Sam, and find out for yourself- you just missed a bunch of them 
this last weekend, and you know what- I had six girls call me last week to remind me that the party 
was this weekend and asked if I was coming again- I'm not Brad Pitt either. Get on it, 
Canuck! Good luck! You will NOT regret going with Sam and his agency, I know! Doc


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