You won't believe till you do it, just call Sam, and do it man.

Hi There, Got your details from Sam, at I love Latins, I see we are the same age, 
so I thought I would drop you a short line & see if you are married yet?, and if you are, what problems you had, 
if any, when you brought your lady home ?, also what age group you ended up with. Can you help me with this puzzle, 
I notice all the guys talk about the ladies of BQ being "Beautiful" however, 
the ones I have seen on the video Sam sent me are very ordinary. 
Now, I have looked at a site called, abc.com, and the ladies there are more beautiful! 
Am I missing something, perhaps you could give me your opinion. 
Again, many thanks, Ken from down under.
Ken howdy - no I'm not married yet. I'm engaged, she's 36, college educated, has never been married, 
and is without a doubt the most correct woman I have ever dated. Her attitude and value system are superlative, 
together with her dedication to me, and the relationship. 
We are currently in the process of dealing with the immigration attorney, 
she should be able to get stateside in about 4-6 months.

I have been to Colombia with other services, and have perused a bunch of them on the Internet. 
Here’s my opinion. I think alot of agencies post only the really beautiful girls, some probably even seek out models, 
I do know this to be true. Secondly, I don't think the videos (anybody's) do the women of Colombia justice; 
there's a bunch more beautiful girls when you are actually there. 
Thirdly, The photos or videos can't show the real beauty of these women, 
because their real beauty is in their personalities, attitudes, the way they carry themselves, 
and how they treat you, not to mention the sensuality they exude. I guarantee you if you go, 
then come back and watch American women you will see the difference. 
Hey, check out a national geo from about 3-4 months ago, and you will see that we (the US) are the fattest country on earth, 
which means we got the fattest chicks; then go to Colombia and see the difference.

I recommend Barranquilla for several reasons- the girls are down to earth, sincere, fun, pretty, 
and not gold diggers - you need to stand out in front of the Hotel Royal in Barranquilla 
any weekday morning about 8 am when these women are walking to work, 
then try to tell me there aren't any lookers- I know, I did it every morning I was there!!! 
I recommend Sam because he's Sam - He is really interested in you having a good time, 
and meeting nice ladies, Real Ladies in every sense of the word. Some agencies suck up to you 
till they get your dough, then you are on your own; Sam doesn't put models, 
or only the most beautiful chicks in his deal, just lots of them, you go sort out the one that catches your eye. 
You won't believe till you do it, just call Sam, and do it man. 
If I can help you any further, let me know- Doc


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