Sam is the real deal, his organization is tops. I just pulled the trigger. I'm planning to head down to paradise at the end of the month.

Dear Doc, I'm thinking of signing up for the "No Excuses" tour package with I Love Latins. I'm 50 years old, 
soon to be 51 (don't look anywhere near it) and want to meet a younger woman that wants to have kids. 
I was married and divorce but never had any. I am an advertising executive, speak fluent Spanish and Cuban-American. 
I spoke to Sam and he seems like the "real" thing. I'm ready to pull the trigger but doing my last second homework. 
I'm sick of being alone and dealing with American women. I see that you met women 
is young as 19 and I think that's great. I am interested more in the late 20's to early 30's variety. 
How did you like Barranquilla? Was there a good variety of women in terms of looks and shades? 
I sincerely want to settle down and be a good family man. How good are my prospects? Walter
Walter thanks for asking. I’ll cut to the chase and give you the word on your prospects-EXCELENTE!. 
As I'm sure you are aware, two things fulfill traditional Latin women- having a good husband and a family; 
I'm sure you are also aware that in Latin countries age means respect, and stability in a man- In short, 
they want guys like you primo! Finding a lady in the range you want will be no problem at all, 
especially if you are willing to accept any kids she might have, some of the girls have one kid, which shouldn't 
be surprising in a country without much birth control, and a giant aversion to abortion (they are smarter than us). 
Colombian women are notoriously beautiful, I found them to be sincere, open, fun, and they have an inner beauty 
that an American woman couldn't even imitate. One of the best parts of them is they don't live in confusion, 
they know they are women, and want to be women, they know right from wrong, 
they have a higher moral value system than American women, and they are happier. 
Your ability to speak Spanish will help alot, and will enhance your visit. I have been on two tours to Colombia, 
and was the only bilingual guy on either one. The best part about being able to speak Spanish 
is some of the lovely things these girls will say to you, which you wouldn't hear in the US in a million years. 
Sam is the real deal, his organization is tops. 
I have Been to Barranquilla and Cali; I like Barranquilla better for a couple reasons- 
one it has a smaller town atmosphere, the people are very friendly; it's close to the beaches if you want that, 
it's definitely cheaper, and finally the girls haven’t had so much exposure to North Americans. 
There's something like 25 marriage agencies in Cali, alot of the girls are members of three or four or more, 
they have been wined and dined till in my opinion they are a little spoiled. 
(still about 6 times better than gringas though!) To me the girls in Barranquilla are a little more down home. 
There is a great variety of shapes and shades in Barranquilla, 
I went out with girls that were blondes, brunettes, triguenas, morenas- 
I even had lunch with one girl who was half Chinese, and another was Colombian / Pakistani 
(she was amazingly beautiful). You will find women who want to give you a family, guaranteed! 
My biggest problem was finding a girl who was done having kids! I'm currently writing a 30 year old woman 
with two kids, she's great. I got 4 myself. Do two things-first go look at the pics of the November tour- 
in it you will see a gray headed man with a big moustache mothered up to a 30 year old triguena, 
that'd be me and my newest. Then click off the safety, pull the trigger, call Sam, 
do it now before you find some lame excuse, you will love it, I promise Don't worry, you can thank me later- 
He's got a tour the end of this month, I want to hear your e-mail back to me this time next month, 
saying I was right- As we say in my part of the country- " no tengas cuidado, echale ganas, mijo! 
Any other questions, just let me know- Doc
Doc, I just pulled the trigger. I'm planning to head down to paradise at the end of the month. 
I'll let you know what happens. Gracias amigo, Walter


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