Finding your soul mate to spend the rest of your life with, should be the single most important goal in every single guy's life.

An experienced man writes: ...and have you fall in love. 
It will change your life forever and you will look back and regret not having done this earlier. 
I find the human condition curious, in that it is very common, actually, for people to put the most
important things in their life as a low priority since they are not urgent.  
We tend to be slaves to the urgent things in life, which many times are of little importance, but demand our attention. 
I also find it common for humans to spend more time on little decisions and very little time on big decisions. 
They will spend hours evaluating what is the best computer to buy and then take only minutes to decide to buy a house. 
Finding your soul mate to spend the rest of your life with, should be the single most important goal 
in every single guy's life. Our focus in life should be to make money in order to enjoy life with those we love, 
not enjoy making money because we love money. However, whenever I go to the USA to work for a bit, 
I am stunned by the American obsession with simply making money. 
They love their houses and cars, but their houses and cars cannot love them.
I have always found it easy to make money, but very challenging to take the time with the people 
I love and who love me. It is my fault for having so many children, but I never stop wanting to have more. 
I love being loved, being hugged and I love to love the ones I love.
Love is the core reason for our existence and will always be the foundation of our happiness.
Find a woman you could love forever and want to spend the rest of your life with. 
Take the time, you will never regret it. Sincerely, E.


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