I was so overwhelmed at your events!. You gave me a taste of what a celebrity feels like for a couple of days,

Some Tour Clients are even willing to create 
and share their story in pictures in hopes of you Getting Up 
and Going on the next I Love Latins Romance tour and Achieving Your Dream Too!

Big Sam, Below is a link to some of my photos from the tour. 
Please feel free to use any you would like for promotional purposes. 

I have a few Polaroid's that I need to scan also, that I will add to the album later.

Thanks to you, Sam for a great trip and lots of fun, as well as your friendship. 
You folks mean a lot to both Rick and myself. 
I was so overwhelmed at your events!. 
You gave me a taste of what a celebrity feels like for a couple of days, 
but that's all I could handle...a few days of fame.

I can't imagine having to live like that every day. 
Wow...anyway, let me know if I can help you in any way 
and remember that Rick and myself love you guys a lot! Austin 

It's Now time to Stop making Excuses...
We have More than Proven WE are Real, the Ladies are Real 
and WE have Proven when you 
Go with I Love Latins Romance Tours,
Your Dreams will become a Reality!
What are you waiting for 
"True love and happiness awaits you"......
Go For Your Dreams, It Works, We Know, We Did It 1st, 
Call Us, Your Friends, Sam and Consuelo Smith  281-481-0036


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