"Gentlemen, when you stop making excuses and Go with I Love Latins Romance tours they More than Deliver!"

Sam, It only took 15 days of dating Paola to get her to say yes. 
Actually, it was more or less assumed we would become engaged sooner than that, 
but I wanted to check out some of the other women on your I love Latins tour before I asked. I met her via the pool party you hosted. 
I actually started dating her the first time a couple of days later. I asked Virna to get her phone number so that I could set up a date. 
I took several photos of her and she smiled and waved back, so I knew she was interested. 
Anyway, you saw us together numerous times in the hotel lobby. While I met numerous other lovely women, 
Paola is the only one I have actually dated while I was here. 
This morning Paola got up at 5 AM and we went to the passport place at 7:30 AM and already got her passport by 11 AM. 
That’s a lot faster and easier than in the United States! 
So I assume the next step is to contact Gary Bala to get the immigration process started. 
I will return to Houston late in the afternoon. But I will be home for only two full days. 
Then I have to fly to Sacramento via San Francisco for my daughter’s wedding. 
Anyway, I am glad to finally get to Colombia with you (Sam) and meet some of these lovely women in person. 
You are correct, this is the only way to do it. And Virna is absolutely a gold mine. 
My relationship with Paola would have been next to impossible without her. 
I cannot say enough good things about Virna. She is just wonderful beyond description. 
I am so glad that I decided to hire her full time for my duration in Barranquilla. 
It isn’t cheap to hire a full time translator, but it is absolutely essential. 
This service you provide is something you need to feature in your promotional material. 
Unless you already speak Spanish, you cannot live without your translator. 
And I have to say Virna is the best by far. She does so much more than mere translation. 
She checks out the girls and really tries to steer me away from the girls who may have been there to exploit me. 
And most of all, she is very entertaining and makes the girls feel at ease. They trust Virna. And so do I. 
I think the main service you provide is making the men comfortable with making the trip to Colombia, select the lodging, 
setting up several large social activities and most of all, providing translators to facilitate conversation and match making. 
I don’t know how good the other female translators are, but I cannot imagine any that are better than Virna. 
The main problem is getting so many quality young women to these events. 
Yes, the room is filled with women and they flock to the guys. 
Everything is in place for every man on your tour, they just need to go with you. 
I think I was exceptionally lucky, not sure how, though. 
This is not a cheap trip, but still worth every penny. 
I wasted so much money on women I never even met (Internet dating service companies only) 
before I came on this trip with you – an embarrassing amount of money. 
I met one young woman who is a medical student in Santa Marta. 
She had to drop out of college because her father stopped supporting her. 
She needs about 15 million Pesos to finish by the end of 2011. 
I told her that I would pay for the rest of her education on the provision that she provide free medical care 
to poor people who cannot afford medical care. She has agreed to my terms. 
(She wasn’t asking for the money. This was my idea. She started fighting back the tears and couldn’t speak 
when I told her I would help her finish college.) Virna is involved and she has checked out her story. 
Also I met a 42 year old attractive and very sweet woman who runs a school for poor children plus others. 
I brought about $250 of English learning software and books with me that I had planned to give 
to whichever woman I planned to marry. But I was impressed with her so much that I gave all of it to her. 
Just like you, I want to help the poor people of Colombia in my own small way. 
There are many very nice deserving people here in Colombia. 
It is much different than I thought although I really didn’t know what to expect. Gerald Cox 
PS. I will be returning to Colombia around June 1st, so I hope to find an apartment versus staying in a hotel.  
I relocated to the renovated section of the hotel and managed to negotiate 
almost the same price I was paying in the old part. I wish I had known there were two sections to the hotel. 
I know you mentioned it had been renovated recently, but I thought the old part was the renovated part. 
I am used to nice accommodations and I am willing to pay the difference in price.  
"Gentlemen, when you stop making excuses and Go with I Love Latins Romance tours they More than Deliver!"


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