She came to the airport with me and I really had a hard time leaving Colombia. I didn't think it would happen,

Sam, I just wanted to send a quick note to you saying thanks for the great time I had in Barranquilla. 
Didn’t find many women that I really liked but I did find one that I adore, her name is Eliana M. 
We were together Friday at the pool party as well as several other dates and spent all day Sunday together. 
She came to the airport with me and I really had a hard time leaving Colombia. I didn’t think it would happen, 
as I am usually not easily swayed by a pretty face, but I cant get her off my mind, we are emailing daily, 
sometimes twice a day, and have talked on the phone often. I think she might be the one, 
I am trying to make plans to return soon. I have your agency to thank but, I thought before I completely 
throw myself at her feet, that I would ask you if you know anything about her, I don’t want to be sneaky 
or anything but I would like to get your impression of her. Or at least find out if you or your staff 
know anything about her before I get to serious. It seems to me Eliana is sincere and a wonderful person, 
usually I am a good judge of character, I hope I am right in this case. Would appreciate your comments. 
Anyway, another thanks to you and your staff. We all had a great weekend, your B and B was excellent. 
By the way would like to have Steve’s email address if you have it, we hit it off really well 
and would like to contact him. Thanks for your time and good luck in the near future. 
I am sure our paths will cross again shortly. Sincerely, Lanny Berner


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