Well, Steve already said it all...

Sam, I'm thinking of going to BAQ on a tour sometime, but just wanted to ask a question. 
I was in Cali about 3 years ago, and although I really enjoyed my time there and met some really nice people, 
I got the impression that a lot of the ladies there were "players" - that is, they visited the agencies in town 
on a regular basis and got the American guys to take them out, wine and dine them, etc., 
and weren't necessarily interested in anything more. I know this wasn't true of all of them, 
but it seemed to me that a lot of them were this way. They also seemed to be (a lot of them) pretty picky 
when it came to guys. I guess I can't blame them since guys are the same way, but I was just wondering 
whether you had any opinions on this and whether BAQ would be any different from Cali. 
I think Cali has been played up so much and there are so many agencies there that the women 
are perhaps a little more savvy and picky when it comes to American guys. What do you think?
Thanks in advance, Steve
Well, Steve already said it all...


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