Sam, At least I can see you are honest, and I am glad to see that.

Sam, At least I can see you are honest, and I am glad to see that. 
I will tell you a story, so you will understand. I went to Ukraine, for the same kinds of reasons 
that all men are doing this. Trying to find a good woman, of personal affections. 
I went, for a specific reason though and found a woman that professed religious convictions. 
While I was processing, she acted as my agent and solicited women in the churches in Ukraine, 
in order to develop a Christian based agency, working within the churches. 
I filed for and got a 501-C3 non-profit designation from the IRS, for operating a Missions based 
foreign brides agency, which is still in affect. I was working in the churches and receiving a lot of interest 
and action, until the whole thing fell apart, because of what she did. 
The men in the churches are really hungry, but are hesitant to deal with a secular agency. 
So, they were beginning to come to me, as the word got out. Everything was wonderful 
and beyond my wildest expectations, until the woman and her son achieved resident status. 
At that point, she cut me off and I found her in an affair, looking for someone richer. 
She filed spousal abuse charges, in order to keep from being deported 
and I have been victimized and robbed by the courts ever since, because of her dishonesty. 
She apparently lied, from the very beginning, just to use me to get here with her son, 
and never had intentions of staying with me. I was just used and lied to about her religious convictions 
and principals. NOW, maybe you understand why I am skeptical and cautious. 
I am serious about wanting a good wife, if I can find one. Thanks Jerry


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