(This was sent to us from Gary Bala, our Immigration Attorney... Thanks Big Gary!)

The woman of your dreams is the one who will take your hand, while you are walking 
in the park together in an autumn afternoon, and she will have so many beautiful things to say to you, 
but because she doesn't know  how to express it in words, finally she will stay in silence, 
as she enjoys her luck of having your company and your love.

 The woman of your dreams always will be there if you need her: when you  need to cry: 
even if you don't know why you want to cry: and while  you're crying, she will caress your hair, 
with her fingers, at the same  time that she will tenderly hug you, lovingly and closely.

 The woman of your dreams will hug you especially after making love: 
as  she will share with you her top secrets.

 The woman of your dreams will have for you all the patience of the world, 
 and she will also hide any of her anxiety around your company, 
in such way that  you will be fine, if it's at all possible.

 The woman of your dreams, in addition to her love for you, she will love life, 
and she will be supremely glad to have some time to spend together with you.

 The woman of your dreams, won't need to be the center of your life: 
 It's enough that you'll be the center of hers.

 The woman of your dreams won't ask you to speak to her of love, if you don't feel it is time to do so. 
It will be enough for her, if you accept her love.

 The woman of your dreams will be yours, just yours, without sharing her, with anybody, anymore. 
The woman of your dreams won't desire another man. Only you, in her bed and in her heart.

 The woman of your dreams, will try to understand you forever, 
and if she can't, she will accept you as you are anyway all the way.

The woman of your dreams, like your mother, will love you as you are for what you are.

 Finally, the woman of your dreams will be with you, in the good times, as well as in the bad times.

 So, that's the essence of the woman of your dreams: maybe you'll add some more touches, 
maybe she'll be blonde or dark, beautiful or ugly, tall or short, rich or poor, 
genius or ordinary woman, but her essence will remain the same, 


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