P.S. Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to talk and answer my questions!

Dear Sam, Thanks for your e-mail. I originally was hoping one of my buddies would join me 
on an upcoming tour so that we could share the cost of the 2 for 1 special. 
One of my buddies is currently out of town 
on business and has not responded to my e-mails. If I can't get a buddy to go, 
I will do it alone as I have done on a number of occasions in the past. 
I am planning on being in Barranquilla in June and also in November. 
I would therefore join your single's tours in these two months. How does the personal listing work? 
Is the personal listing included in the price of the tour when you make a complete payment as I have done? 
I am looking forward to joining your tours in my search to find my future best friend; a wife. 
I have been traveling to Colombia for the past two years in search of the ideal lady that would become my future wife. 
Although I have met and dated a number of beautiful ladies, I have yet to find my match. 
In my travels to Barranquilla I have met a number of fellow Americans that have participated in your past tours. 
I have heard only words of praise for the fine job you are doing in helping gentlemen from 
the U.S. find sincere ladies for marriage. 
Unlike the good comments I have heard about your agency, I have heard nothing but bad comments 
about the two other agencies that recently opened in Barranquilla. 
In fact, two of the clients for one of these agencies that advertises itself as 
(xx) were so disgusted with their November tour, (no ladies at their events) 
that they were ready to write off Barranquilla as a potential source for finding a future bride. 
Fortunately for them, I was able to save their vacations by taking them to your office in Barranquilla. 
I don't know if they met their future wives, but at least they were able to schedule some meaningful dates 
with several beautiful and sincere ladies before their departure to the United States. 
Sincerely, Ted S. Chicago, IL.  
P.S. Thanks, in advance, for taking the time to talk and answer my questions!


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