She is so sweet. Her voice is so cute too. She told me she doesn't care how old I am but I am still in shock. She also told me that she has received the flowers and loved them.

Sam, I just walked back in and found all of your emails! Holy Cow, yes that is her. 
I can't believe you got back to me so quickly and I also can't believe you had all of those great photos of her. 
Amazing. Consuelo really called her tonight? All I can say is WOW! 
Are you serious that she really doesn't care about my age? It seems almost impossible. 
Has there been nobody interested in her? If so, were the feelings not mutual? 
In all honesty, part of the reason I'd like to date a much younger woman is that I don't have children 
and I'd like to. Most of the women in their late 20's to early 30's and beyond are single mothers 
from broken marriages. I was with a woman with 3 children for most of the last 7 years 
(been single for a year now). She didn't want any more and then went through a mid life crisis 
and left me for a much younger man. That's fine, but I'd like my own children this time. 
Do you think that would sit well with her? Do you know if she wants children? 
I'm sorry, I forgot to ask that. I'm working this weekend and I should make enough extra money 
to pay for the reservation. My only problem is getting off work to go. 
I'll have to look into that and also, I don't have a passport currently so things look bleak for September. 
Oddly enough, my boss's wife is from Cartagena and she just left this week to go back there 
because her mom is ill. Getting him to understand why I want to go won't be a problem at all 
I can assure you. In fact, he even suggested that I go there to find a good woman, 
because of his wife It wouldn't surprise me if he was on one of your tours. 
The problem is, I am a construction manager for high rise condo projects here in Florida 
and we are breaking ground on a new building in October so it's going to be very busy between now and then... 
Actually, I was looking for Yesina from your June tour and I didn't see any photos of her. 
That was another reason I stopped checking out the website. Anyway, I'll get back to you very soon. 
Thanks for all the pictures. Please tell your wife thanks and I said hello. Regards, Adam
Hi Sam, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I got an email reply 
from Yesenia tonight when I came home. She seems to be very sweet and seems to be able to speak 
excellent English (unless someone translated for her?) Yesenia mention speaking with Consuelo 
and said she was waiting on my email and would like to get to know me and become friends. 
I sent her a bigger email tonight to tell her about me and a couple pictures too. 
She mentioned getting the flowers and was Super Happy!!! 
Thanks for your great services. I'm very nervous about the large age gap between us 
but I would like to at least get to know her and see what happens. Thanks again for your help! Adam
Sam, I can’t say "Thank you" enough for what you have already done for me! 
Well, I will say that I have an excellent job and make pretty good money. 
I have some financial holes to dig out of which I'm working on very hard right now. 
I plan to be very successful soon and I'm well on my way to that. I have lots of opportunities opening up lately. 
As far as the English classes, I'd gladly do that, because I can see the benefit for both of us. 
I picked up some CD roms to learn Spanish so I'll start my own efforts there as soon as possible. 
It's a safe bet that if there is a little correspondence between us and we seem to like each other, 
I'll send her to English classes. 
My boss is optimistic for me in this because he loves his (Colombian) wife and tells me 
how blessed he is to have her. I haven't told him about Yesenia specifically but did tell him about your site 
and my plans for November. He's fine with it. He suggested that I find a good Christian girl 
and Yesenia did mention that in her listing. Time will tell. 
Thanks again for everything, Adam PS. Please keep us your great services, 
there are Millions of other good guys out there that need your real services. 

Hi Sam, Here you go, the tour is paid in full now. 
I hope you enjoy yourself down there in the next few weeks. 
I wish I was coming with you now! Yesenia seems to be an Angel right from Heaven. 
I guess I'm sort of in shock that someone like her exists and would even be interested in me. 
I've got more than my share of battle scars on my heart from the past and you know it shows. 
I'm doing my best now to be positive like you are and I know that is the right way to go. 
Thank you so much for your help. 
I've sent her many pictures and she says I'm nice looking and a nice person. She likes my voice too. 
If Yesenia is really interested in me, I won't need a plane to get to Barranquilla, 
I'll be able to walk across the ocean to her! She said to me last night on the phone that she wants a teddy bear. 
You can bet that I will. She is so sweet. Her voice is so cute too. 
She told me she doesn't care how old I am but I am still in shock. 
She also told me that she has received the flowers and loved them. 
I hope she likes me. Man, I'm a mess huh? :-) 


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