Hello Sam, this is Earl, I wanted to take this moment in time to thank you for the I Love Latins summer event that I attended.

Hello Sam, this is Earl, I wanted to take this moment in time to thank you for the I Love Latins summer event that I attended.
I went with no real expectations and just wanted to see how things would unfold for me. I remember finding your site by accident in a sense a year ago.
In shock at my discovery it didn't take long for me to see that what you have is very real. I knew I had to attend but for me it was a matter of when I could actually do it.
I spoke ugh you and others who had attended your event and those talks gave me more determination to get there.
When you tell those looking at the videos to get up off the couch and get there, I see the battle to instill some faith in other men to come.
As for me, I was convinced within a week that what I found was genuine. So, I began to plan my trip to go to Barranquilla with the hope that I could find a true friend in this life.
I thank you for the cards, CDs and encouragement you gave me along the way in my stages of planning my trip.
I must say that Colombia have absolutely beautiful women. I was amazed and thankful. My interpreter is the best and.she helped me more than I even realized.
I made a friend while there and I never expected it tp happen as quickly as it did. You were 110% correct when you said get here and this will change your life.
I have made friends there in Barranquilla and found myself a.special lady. It would have never happened to me here where I am. Not on your life!
What amazes me is that I went in faith that I was going to experience a life change, meet my special friend and be able to continue going to Barranquilla.
This was my hope and I was not diasapointed. Believe me when I say "I'll be back!" Because I will and I have a special friend who is there for me.
Sam, thank you for your passion and commitment to wanting to see real love and hope come to the lives of men who need it.
To all the fellas out there in North America who make excuses, chicken out, procrastinate, hesitate, vegetate, who are stuck in yesterday and whine about it, to you I have this to say.... Get out of your personal funk and fog.
Make a plan! I did and now I am not unhappy and wondering! Make a plan, make a plan... Be that man with the master plan, sign up and get yourself on that jet to I Love Latins in Barranquilla Colombia.
You owe it to yourself to get there and find your life partner. Sam delivers and I can testify to this fact. Don't make excuses, get motavated and go! Then once you have experience the love you can make excuses about wanting to stay.
I Love Latins delivers and that's a fact!
Sam, god bless you and your family and thank you for what you do. Remember... "I'll be back"
ps, I signed up for the 5 year plan fellas. Serious is what serious does. 





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