Hey guys, here with another testimonial from Christopher Colombia the one who’s living experience speaks for itself. Look I have been living here in Barranquilla, Colombia, South America for 8 months now. I wake up to a tropical climate and take a nice cool shower every morning, but as soon as I hit
the street I am surrounded by beauty... the beautiful ladies of Barranquilla that is. Everyone here is very friendly and warm and I have made lots and lots of friends here. I have had enough opportunities here to married 100 times over from all the ladies I met mainly through the I love Latins romance tours and then several on my own just walking the streets. 
My question for you is “Why weren’t you here yesterday?” “Why weren’t you on the past tour?”
“Why are you still lonely?” “Why are you still looking at all the pictures, catalogs, fliers, mailers,
websites, videos or whatever, *”Why aren’t you living your dreams?” “Why haven’t you signed up
for the next I love Latins vacation?” “When you do these simple steps, then you can live your dreams,
I am Living Proof, Life is now very, very good!”

I have been friends with Sam for about 7 years and he is one of the nicest hosts you will ever meet.
He genuinely cares for all his clients (both the men and the ladies too) and gives each and every one special attention that you just won’t find anywhere else. I have been on many tours (some of the Highest Highlights of life you will ever experience) helping Sam with the events and I can tell you that you will never be disappointed with the amount of beautiful women that he has ready to meet you. I hope you guys aren’t waiting for the end of the world to find someone special because remember (life is so Short, you aren’t getting any younger) 2012 is here and so you better come and enjoy life now because if you’re waiting on tomorrow then you will never get here because every day is a gift and you better enjoy the present. Wake up to reality and know that action gets results so stop being scared, lazy, and a couch potato and make a positive and happy difference in your life. Take a chance and see what happens because if you do you’ll never regret coming here you have my word on it. If may even choose to stay here like I did, either way just know this.... “I will be marrying the next swimsuit model here while you are sitting there looking at me and my sexy wife’s photos J and you will probably still be looking at the same website and wishing you were me”... So what are you waiting for? I am out in the street handing out invitations to get hundreds of beautiful girls to come on this next I love Latins tour coming up so all you need to do is sign up and then show up and let the fun begin. Call SAM Now and don’t miss out... your happiness is guaranteed but only if you go with Sam and I love Latins... hope to see you here on the tour and if you want you can get Sam to give you my number in Barranquilla and I will answer any questions you have. Thanks again Sam for all that you do. Christopher Colombia Sams.

Part 2, a couple of days later J

Guys, here we are again with another exciting adventure from Christopher Colombia... now let me tell you all that I get approached from girls every day and they ask me "do you have any friends in your country?" "I want to find a nice man to marry from USA?" They all comment, “they have heard all of their life that the North American men are faithful, honest, caring and hard working and that’s what they want as a life mate”. Well all I can tell these girls is that there are many guys available there but they are all too scared of Colombia or they try to find every excuse in the book not to come here and meet sexy hot Latina girls..... incredible. The girls are always in shock, they though men where always brave.

All I can say guys is that you need to get over here and experience it for yourself and as far as safety goes... guys I have been living here in Barranquilla, Colombia, South America for 8 months and no one has ever bothered me so get out of the excuse zone and stop crying and feeling sorry for yourself... poor me I don’t have a girlfriend. I am all alone. Nobody wants me. Well get over here because you are wanted and appreciated more than you will ever know and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. If you need a tour guide I will be happy to help you show you the sites ask me all the questions you want. If you are scared I will be your bodyguard whatever you need and Sam is the best friend you will ever have here so stop making excuses and sign up online. www.iLoveLatins.com . Yes, I even have Sam’s website and phone numbers in my memory. Call him @ 281-481-0036.

I’ve been coming here seven years and have never regretted one day of that decision. Going with Sam and the first I love Latins romance tour changed my life forever for good. Let me tell you a few other things about Barranquilla. If you need medicine it’s not a problem. No prescription necessary. There is a local pharmacy on every corner that can fill your medicines cheap and you can stock up and buy all you want 24 hours a day. The food here is incredible cooked fresh daily with none of the harmful chemicals and preservatives found in the food in the USA and the taste is out of this world. When you find that special lady here I can give you restaurant recommendations for you and your lady for a nice romantic getaway in the night as well as local malls to find some trendy fashions and souvenirs to bring back home with you. Jump up off your couch, fancy yourself up, go to Sam’s website, sign up and hop on the plane for this coming tour because I am working my butt off in the street handing out invitations to the hottest Latinas around and this event is gonna be smokin hot... don’t miss out because your wife, your partner, your soul mate, your loving companion, your life mate, your new best friend, someone that helps carry your load could be the one that is on this tour and it only works when you go with I love Latins and Sam. Take care guys and I hope to see you on this tour coming up very soon. Christopher Colombia Sams...
My email if the men want to ask me any more questions is: code28601@hotmail.com


Gentlemen you have heard it all directly from Super Chris Colombia J.
He has attended Several I Love Latins Singles Vacations, what did He Say “It Positively Changed His Life Forever”… If you want the Same, then You Know Exactly what to Do to Live your Dreams… Just Do It Now. www.iLoveLatins.com


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