Hi Sam, I just want to say that you delivered, with all that you say for the I Love Latins Tour Vacation.

Hi Sam, I just want to say that you delivered, with all that you say for the I Love Latin's Tour / Vacation.

Everything was beautiful. The City, the women, the hotel, the events & the Pool Party.

I had a great time and met a lot of good people. I hope to return again soon.

To all those guys that are skeptical about going, don’t worry, Just GO!!

In regards to the women- you really have to go to find the right one for yourself.
This is a vacation of a life time! You will not forget it.

Thank you Sam for all you do behind the scenes.
The I Love Latin's Agency is honest and a great choice to meet a Latina of your dreams.
I believe that you cannot go wrong going to Barranquilla Colombia with Sam’s Company.
Your More than Believing friend, Scott M. MA.

“Gentlemen, All the Words and pictures in the world can NEVER express or explain the AWESOME, Unbelievable, Incredible FEELING
that You will feel and experience on Sam’s I Love Latins Romance tour / Singles Vacation; You GOTTA GO with Sam… You will Never ever be the same again”. 



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