Hi Sam and Consuelo,


    I know you’ve been anticipating some good news from my recent return trip to Colombia. As you know, the February 2013 tour produced many women who could easily make any man drool with desire and women here in the states envious. Well, I connected with ‘the one’. You personally know of several that were literally competing for my affections. Still, we kind of knew who was the best fit. Of course a return visit would be necessary to put things into proper perspective. I did that and more. You see, the whole time I was apart from my exceptional lady, we talked every day. The more we talked, the more I knew we both made the right choice. We were so in sync that we were finishing each other’s sentences. Ordinarily, you’d think nothing of that. In this situation, it should be noted that my lady doesn’t speak any English and my Spanish needs much work. How about that for being of one mind. Let me burst the bubble of suspense and inform you that we are officially engaged. You and I knew something special was destined to happen on the February tour and boy did it. I threw an engagement dinner and invited her family of course because tradition is central to most Colombians – meaning it was proper for me to win the approval of the family matriarch/patriarch. Let me tell you, they can spot bull@#$@ a mile off so be sincere, but respectful. I received the approval of the entire family and we celebrated the promise of a bright future together. We have tentatively set a wedding date for December 21st of this year at the Tamacà Resort in Santa Marta. It will be something special!. That is the city where my fiancé resides. Everyone who happens to be in Colombia during the Christmas holidays is welcome to attend. So Sam and Consuelo, it is time to remove both me and Liliana J. from the ‘I Love Latins’ site because we are no longer available. I’m attaching photos of us and feel free to publish my story so guys know that there is nothing bogus about you, the agency or all the sincere gentlemen who make their way to Colombia all year long. Peace my friend, thanks again and God Bless!!!!

Tim W. FL, USA



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